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Living Soulistically

Sometimes, I make up words. Do you ever do that? Occasionally, no word already in usage satisfactorily captures what you want to get across. So, you just make one up. I get it.  In a session earlier this year, I told my counselor that I want to help local...

Church Working Right

What is a ‘prevailing church?’

Gene Appel, a good friend and admired pastoral colleague, recently led a tremendously helpful and practical webinar on the topic of leading change for the CCL Network. Gene co-authored a book with Alan Nelson, titled How To Change Your Church Without Killing It, in...

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Church Working Right

Taking Risks for God

In baseball, you can’t steal second and keep your foot on first. You have to venture into ‘the zone of the unknown’ and take some risks to win the game. The same is true for a church working right: prudent risks advance His mission.

Church Working Right

The Youth Sports Cartel

I am a huge sports fan. Huge. I spent my last 20 years on the west side of Cincinnati and sports are a big part of the culture. After all, it’s the hometown of one Peter Edward Rose. There are so many things I love about sports. I love to play and I love to watch –...

Church Working Right

Bon voyage!

I recently retired (I prefer re-fired!) as the lead pastor at a church by the name of Whitewater Crossing Christian Church. If that church (or yours) was a ship, what kind would it be? The S.S. Whitewater. It’s not a canoe. It’s not a pirate ship (I hope!) What...