All-In Baptism Day Kit: The Tool Your Church Needs to Inspire More Baptisms

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Imagine baptizing more people into Christ at your church in one day than you have baptized in a month or even a year. Imagine hearing stories of life-change reverberate throughout your ministry for weeks and months…not to mention eternity! Not only is this possible, but achievable.

D Vaughan Consulting is excited to offer a brand-new All-In Baptism Day Kit created and curated by our Senior Advisor, Pastor John Hampton.

The All-In Baptism Day Kit is inspirational, aspirational, and fully operational – filled with proven teaching tools, helpful hints, videos, a complete sermon manuscript and so much more!

If you’re open to having a conversation with David about coaching and how you can maximize the All-in Baptism Day Kit, he will send a copy to you free of charge!